Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Talk About It Tuesday

Did you miss spring cleaning? Is your closet STILL overloaded with unworn clothes? Mine is. 
However I've developed a few tips and tricks of how to eliminate clothes that don't get worn...

Flip all your hangers backwards... When you have worn and washed them hang them back up the right way... After 6 months sell/donate those that have not been worn and are still hanging backwards in your closet.

If it does not fit toss it! Don't play the waiting game of... "Someday this will fit again"... Trust me it does not work... And just adds to the clutter. Or if you do have seperational issues with your "skinny clothes" put them in a bin. Keep them in the garage or tucked away in storage! 

Make three plies. Keep. Sell. Donate

Why not just trash all your unwanted clothes?
With popular resell and consignment shops like Platos Closet & apps like Poshmark you can make extra money for your unwanted clothes. 

Here is my story... I went through my closet top to bottom... Jeans, Shirts, Sweaters, Jackets, Tanks, bras, Boots, Flats, Flip Flops and all. Set up a Facebook closet, called Ky's Closet, and within months my family trip to Alabama was paid for! I raised over $800 from just cleaning out my closet. I still continue Ky's Closet to raise money for my college tuition and I sell clothing for others as well! 

I'm not telling you that you have to do what I did and set up a Facebook to sell your clothes but with technology being such a big part of our daily fashion life there are tons of ideas to get rid of unworn clothes! I know in our area there is a surrounding area re-sell page on Facebook that you can always check your area and join. Also like I mentioned Poshmark is free and people still use eBay! Lots of options but hopefully my little story has inspired you to clean that closet and make yourself some extra cash!

Do you use Poshmark? Facebook? Or eBay to resell clothes? Also, let me know your tips & tricks to eliminate your unworn clothes :)

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