Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Wishlist Wednesday

Just like my "blog-ing" this wish-list is completely random. It's full of items I'm wanting in all aspects of my life... From shoes to hair products to make-up to organization to exercise.

Wishlist Wednesday One

This watch allows you to check heart rate and calories burned!

Is for fashionable cruising of course! & also for getting this body back in shape.

is available to purchase through me here.  However, this is so my next purchase when I place an order! Great for everything and awesome for organizing, budgets and bills plus it fits a monthly calendar.

LOVE LOVE LOVE me some Toms Shoes and these navy polka dot shoes are AMAZING and cute to style with anything.

I've been hearing great reviews on this light weight and cover all foundation and am always up for new make-up...

this curly hair needs some help in the fall/winter. & this give you the beach look without even stepping foot on a beach. believe it or not, saltwater and sand does wonders for my hair!

Let me know if you own or have tried any of these products in the comments below :)

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