Friday, August 2, 2013

31 THINGS: The Girl Behind The Blog

Why hello there, 
I put together more things about the girl behind the blog. In spirit of me becoming a thirty-one consultant I present to you 31 things! Enjoy :)

  1. is for my number one fans, my parents. I'm a total daddy's girl but I absolutely adore my mother. 
  2. I only have one sibling, my younger sister, Kassidi, who amazes me everyday.
  3. I am currently dating my best friend, Jacob. 
  4. I was the first born grandchild on both sides. So you can say I was spoiled... Ok, still am!
  5. is the number of years I  have been buying gold and selling a Chamilia charm bracelet line at a jewelry store in Saginaw, Mi
  6. is the number of cars I've owned... Ok, so my driving record isn't the cleanest.
  7. is my favorite number.
  8. I am a natural redhead. My friends call me their ginger friend. I don't mind. 
  9. Lexi (mom) and Copper (son) are the names of my two golden retrievers. Copper is a miracle baby, the only one from the batch. Named after my fraternal grandfather, who passed. He was a Cop, hense Copper :) 
  10.  I'm a nail bitter trying to break a bad habit.
  11.  I've met Kid Rock, gave him a beer and he signed my nike tennis shoe at the Buick Open in Grand Blanc, Mi 
  12.  I love to go for rides on my boyfriend's motorcycle. He upgraded to a cruiser with a seat on the back just for me. That is LOVE! <3
  13.  Dieting is not my forte' but I try to eat healthy.
  14.  is the age I was when my parents got divorced... But hey, two Christmas' right?
  15.  I call myself an organized mess. Everything is organized by color but oh so hard to find.
  16.  the number of years I have been playing my favorite sport, softball. Jennie Finch is my idol. 
  17.  I was a Hannah Montana lover, and yes, it started at age 17.
  18.  I'm a lover of all music from country to rap to christian to alternative to pop.
  19.  I still have ALL of my barbie collection. I'll. Never. Let. It. Go.
  20.  Ashton Kutcher is my main man, well besides Jesus.
  21. I was born into the wrong family... I should have been a Kardashian. Don't hate.
  22.  I can make a mean Mac-N-Cheese and a great batch of no-bakes... Anything else? Not so much.
  23.  My besties both live out of state. (Chicago & Seattle) 
  24.  I am forever a Michigander. I love the 4 seasons. 
  25.  is the number of kids I want.... in my future classroom each year.
  26.  I love my cousins. The best part of being the oldest is that I get to watch them grow! 
  27.  I was named after my childhood babysitter, Nicole. Oh and Kylie Minogue = Kylie Nicole. 
  28.  I once dreamed of being a stay-at-home-mom-with-no-kids. Now I want 3 kids and a fun-loving marriage like my grandparents. 
  29.  I'm a shopaholic. (this is why I have Ky's Closet) Coach and Vera Bradley are my obsession.
  30.  God is my daily inspiration.
  31.  I'm a thirty-one Consultant! & It is NOW August which means you get the great deal of Spend $35 and Get 50% OFF a Purse! Let me know if your interested in purchasing or even throwing an online party so I can earn you FREE Stuff!! 

Now that you know a little it about me... I'm curious what do we have in common? Comment below :)

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