Monday, August 12, 2013

Make It Monday: DIY Dry-Erase Weekly Planner

I am always looking for ways to keep my days organized...
I probably own 3 weekly planners.
One for school.
One for work/business.
One for play.

But I have them all around the house also.
I'm kinda of a plan freak.
I am totally a last minute person, if I let myself be.
Therefore, I try to plan ahead.

Here is an idea I found on Pinterest;
DIY Dry-Erase Weekly Planner
found here.

Here is how I made it...

What you'll need:
7+ Picture Frame 
7+ sheets of scrapbook paper
Ink Pen
Scissors or a Paper Cutter
Glue Stick
Dry Erase Marker

*purchased at Dollar General for $8 but also found at Walmart & Target.

Step 1:
Take off the back of the Picture Frame
(This frame did not have individual picture spots but a sheet in the back to connect them all.) 

Step 2:
Cut scrapbook paper to fit spots on original sheet. 
(I used an ink pen to mark where to cut with the paper cutter.)

Step 3: 
Arrange and use glue stick to place on the original sheet.

Step 4: 
Line up and place back on Picture Frame.

Step 5:
ORGANIZE! Use your dry erase marker to mark your days and display your weekly plans.

Final Product: 

As you can see my week is as follows...
Sunday was the Car Show!
Monday (today) I am shopping with my sister.
Tuesday our friend Andy comes home! & I also have a 31 party :)
Wednesday my sister babysits & I have a modified softball game.
Thursday is the Wine & Cheese Tasting night.
Friday after my Final Exam is the start to our Ladies Softball Tournament.
Saturday is BLUEBERRY !

(FYI blueberry here is not only a fruit. But in fact it's a weekend... Every third weekend in August my hometown has their Blueberry Festival. It is a weekend full of fun activities for people of all ages... the carnival, the flea market , pie eating contest ,the parades, softball tournament and of course, the "entertainment tent". No matter the age you are you always get excited when the third weekend of august comes around...)

What does your hometown celebrate? I'd love to hear all the crazy festivals you go to during the summer days!
Just comment below :)

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