Friday, August 16, 2013

Friday Five: Top 5 Jams

I don't know about you but I'm a huge music fan...
I think the right song can...
put you in a better mood,
make you dance,
motivate you,
it can even cry with you,
or give you excellent advice.

I'm constantly checking iTunes for their "top charts" and Instagram for #playlist or #iTunes.
And again with my organization... call me crazy but I have names for all my playlists...

CH _ _ CH : (Church) Christian Music
*the saying of CH_ _CH... whats missing? UR
Cheyenne: Country Music
*Boyfriend has a 77' Chevy Cheyenne truck we take to the sand dunes, I feel like a country-girl riding in it.
Flavors of the Week: Current Jams
i do: Self explainable... my future wedding songs.
*no future wedding in the plans right meow... but I'm a planner.
iloveit: Electronic/Pop Music
JACOB: what the boytoy likes
Purchased: what I did not scam of Limewire...
Shower Jams: My Morning Tunes

But TODAY, I am going to rock your socks off with 5 of my favorite jams right meow...

Sara Bareilles: Brave
*discovered in my car... love at first listen.

Katy Perry: Roar
*discovered on Facebook.

Andy Grammer: Crazy Beautiful
*discovered on The Bachlorette.

Florence + The Machine - You've Got the Love
*discovered on Gossip Girl

Lady Antebellum - Downtown
*discovered on CMT Music Videos.

What are you current Jams? 
Please comment below, I am constantly trying to find NEW Music :)

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