Thursday, August 29, 2013

Thirty-One Thursday: Hostess Announcement + BLOG PARTY Ending

Did you hear? DOUBLE HOSTESS CREDIT IS BACK this September!

With the new monthly special coming in September here are a couple options to take advantage of the 
Spend $35 and get an
 Organizing Utility Tote for $15 
or a Super Organizing Tote for $25!

Super Organizing Tote

Organizing Utility Tote

Tomorrow is the last day to order from the 
click here to purchase.
+ ITEMS & COLORS are Retiring... and Tomorrow is also the last chance to buy!
(anyone who makes a purchase has a chance to win a Flat Iron Holder in Brown Woodblock Floral!)

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Travel Tuesday

Labor Day is approaching and surprisingly I have the weekend off! The boyfriend and I have always wanted to take a long trip on the bike and just get away for the weekend. FINALLY we can do that! Thankful we live in Michigan where there is so much to see, awesome towns and the Great Lakes. we are looking for a beach get-a-way (although I did just score an awesome new swimsuit) but, more of a nigh-life/downtown feel... 
 Mackinaw Island =  3 hour drive 
Traverse City = 3 hour drive 
Charlevoix = 3 hour drive
Grand Rapids = 2 hour drive 
Kalamazoo = 2 hour drive
Ludington = 1 hour & 45 minute drive 
Battle Creek = 1 hour & 45 minute drive 
Royal Oak = 1 hour drive

Here is a sneak peak of what I'll be taking where-ever we go!

Weekend Get-A-Way

Every visited Michigan? what is your favorite town?
From Michigan? Where would your weekend get-a-away be?

oh and have a

Monday, August 26, 2013

Motivational Monday!

We have all done it and we all hate it, that word DIET!
We know, we know... It's not a diet, it is a life style change.
I can not even fathom the amount of weight-loss ideas I have tried...
one thing I can tell you, I know the real problem. Myself.
You can not do it for anyone else but yourself.
If you don't WANT it then what is the point?
And yes! Life style change is right.
Eat Better, Feel Better.
I have so much inspiration around me right now...
and I do believe you feed off that.
The more people you have leading you in the right direction,
the easier losing those extra pounds will be.

This Motivational Monday,
you can join me if you'd like...
By taking little steps...
for big results.
The salad instead of Fries.
A walk instead of TV.
Water instead of Pop.
No more fast food,
More home-cooked meals.
Less excuses,
more exercise.

Don't just jump into another Diet...
take it slow, and day by day.
Set a goal and DO IT!
Plan for a healthy future and don't look back.

My Goal: Loose 30 lbs before my 24th birthday (November, 25th)
Break it down... that's ONLY 10 lbs a month...
& to workout at LEAST 3 times a week.
If I can do it, YOU CAN DO IT!

On Monday's I will try to post tips and tricks for a healthier lifestyle. and progress on how I'm doing...
I will try and keep you motivated,
If you can do the same and help me.
For now... set a gold for yourself.
Lets work together... Together we can.
Whether you trying to Lose 10 lbs or 100lbs,
Let's inspire each-other.

JOIN ME HERE for Everyday inspiration:
KYNICADA GET FIT Facebook Group.

This is a "Closed" Group
only those who Join can see.
A place to post:

  • Progression Pictures
  • Weekly Weigh In's
  • Tips
  • Insperational Quotes
  • Workout Ideas
  • Recipes
  • Before/After Pics
  • Progress Results

of our Healthy Lifestyle Journey Together.

Let's Get Fit! I'm ready to feel good again!
And I know you are too :)

Follow me on myfitnesspal: kynicada
This is one of my favorite Calorie Tracking Apps... If you don't have it, GET IT!

Here is the last chubby picture you will see of me....
Are you ready to post yours?
Remember, Together we can. Let's Inspire one another!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Friday Five: TV Edition

I don't know about you but my favorite thing to do when I get home from work is put on some comfy clothes and kick back in front of the TV to catch up on all my shows. 
I'm totally your average girl... chick flicks still get me and I can always watch some reality TV... but when it comes to night time TV series... I go for the DRAMA!

1. Revenge

Season 3 Premiers Sunday September 29th
Emily Thorn is one bad butt chick, & I am totally Team Jack!

2. Scandal
Season 3 Premier is Thursday October 3rd!
Olivia Pope and her gladiators are awesome. This is a must watch!

3. Mistresses
Watch Now, Mondays at 9PM on ABC
Heated, Passioniate, Crazy DRAMA. This kinda' show makes you feel like you can handle anything in your own dramma filled life...  catch up at

4. Pretty Little Liars
Season Finale is Tuesday! #WorldWarA
My thoughts on who -A- is changes with every episode... I can wait to see what the next "big reveal" is!!!

5.  Rookie Blue
Watch now, Thursdays at 10PM on ABC.
Andy is one tough cookie & I think she has a new love connection... Love this cop drama... catch up at

I'm also a Grey's girl.
Gossip Girl addict
and a Hart of Gixie Fan.
What are some of your favorite TV Shows right now?
Let me know down below in the comments!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Thirty-One Thursday: BLOG PARTY!

Alright! It's BLOG PARTY Time

I've put together some sets for you to look at when your thinking about taking advantage of what Thirty-One has to offer for August! 
SPEND $35 and get HALF OFF a Purse!
Learn more about the BLOG PARTY after you take a look ;)

Lotsa Dots Set

Turquoise Cross Pop Set

Railroad Denim Set

Sea Plaid Set

Jade Quilted Dots Set

(*Shipping and tax rates to be added)

How the BLOG PARTY works...
1) Click here to look at the catalog
2) Go here to place an order
3) Once you have placed an order I will put your name in a drawing to win a Flat Iron Case in Brown Woodblock Floral a print from our NEW FALL CATALOG!

Now, Remember Some of the items are retiring and can only purchase through August 31st.
Inside Out Bag
Easy Breezy Tote
Organista Crossbody (1/2 OFF with 35$ spent)
Skirt Purse (1/2 OFF with 35$ spent)
Cinch-It-Up Thermal Tote
Single & Double Organizers
Double Pinch Coin Purse
Oversized Storage Organizer
Soft Wallet
Timeless Wallet
Timeless Wristlet
Thermal Mini Zipper Pouch
Thermal Zipper Pouch
Wristlet Key Fob
Strap Wrap
Also, Some of the colors are retiring and can only purchase through August 31st.
Black Happy Dot
Black Quilted Pick Me Plaid
Dark Denim
Fun Flops
Island Damask
Lotsa Dots
Patchwork Paisley
Pink Punch Bowl
Plum Stripe
Take it Slow 
Taupe Ripstop
Click here for a full list.

Get your orders in by NEXT THURSDAY, the 29th.
I will be closing the BLOG PARTY NEXT FRIDAY, the 30th.

Watch the video for the NEW FALL PURSES 
available at HALF OFF with 35$ spent!

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