Tuesday, August 6, 2013

TASK TUESDAY: Ky's JeanStand Kreation

Introducing... TASK TUESDAY:

All it takes is a stand, a hot glue gun & some old jeans...

As I noticed one day that I had a collection of over 50 jeans, my first thought was get rid of half. Sadly I could only party with a few. So my crafty self decided to start a project. 

SIDENOTE: This project was completed in 2007 & is still holding up today!!!

Step 1: check out a local store (target or walmart) for a 3 boxed stand. Like this: 

Step 2: clean out your closet! start with at least 3- 5 pairs of old jeans.
(I try to get different shades & different brands to show off their fades & pockets)

Step 3: cut apart the jeans. Cut along the pockets and cut down the seams... use the legs for the sides of the stand.

Step 4: Use a hot glue gun to place fabric on stand... 

(There is no rhyme or reason, just cut & place how you like)

Step 5: Let dry overnight & accessorize... I displayed my favorite brands by cutting apart shopping bags and wrote with sharpies all over it... But you can get creative!

Here is the finished product!

Hope you like & please contact me if you ever try, I would LOVE to see how creative you get with yours!

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