Thursday, September 19, 2013

Thirty-One Thursday: Party Set Up!

Here is how I display my items at a party!

I have been asked some questions about party set-up since the last post of "How To Pack For A Party!"

Q1. How do you display every item?
A1. I categorize my items... in the Your-Way-Cube I store all the purses... if someone asks about a purse I know right where to look. In the You-Way-Rectangle I store all my wallets... if someone asks about a wallet I know right where to look. This way when I'm giving my demonstration I know where to grab from. The monthly special items I try to stack in the middle to be the center of attention. Everything else just falls into place around it.

Q2. Do you take old print & old colors?
A2. I do, most of the retired products I have a use as Cash & Carry so I bring them to sell. I only bring item that are for sale in the current catalog... no matter what color they are in. However alot of Party Punch items are mine and can not be ordered in this Fall 2013 catalog in the Part Punch color... but I bring them to show the shape of the item not so much the color. (Just study your product and know what is available in the current catalog)

Q3. How do you help the products keep their shape?
A3. Plastic Bags from the grocery store are your best friend. Also, I display them with other products in them. Example, the Large Utility Tote holds the Single & Double Thermal to help hold shape... (see picture below) But my other trick goes along with question #2. I use repeat products, or products in old colors to help keep shape. Example, I have two Hostess Exclusive Deluxe Beauty Bags... One I stuffed in my Super Organizing Tote to help hold it's shape. If a customer wanted to see this "other bag" I just grabbed from the SOT.

(Look for Picture Answers below...)

Take advantage of places to hang stuff in your hostess' home. Ask for permission and hang away :)

A3. Single & Double Thermal hold their shape pretty good. Therefore I place them into the Large Utility Tote to show how they can be styled daily and also to hold the shape of the LUT.

Hang-It-Up Key Fob with Keep-It-Caddy on to of a Fresh Market Thermal. Saves on space and can be used like this when traveling.

My customer  lap boards help keep shape to the Mini Utility Bin. Also, easy to grab when someone else walks into the party!
A1. Wallets in the You-Way-Rectangle.
A1. Purses in the Your-Way-Cube.

Party Supplies like these usually end up on a coffee table or near the "check-out area"
I'd love to hear how you set up your display!
Also if you have any questions please let me know in the comments below or at


  1. Cute!! Thanks for the ideas--I just signed as a consultant!


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