Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Travel Tuesday: Part 2

Labor Day Weekend has come to an end.
And GRAND RAPIDS, MI was our get-a-way place!
We stayed at the Holiday Inn over the bridge.
It was a great place, awesome service and wonderful food.
As, soon as we arrived we walked through downtown to Founders Brewing Co.
Ate some awesome appetizers and drank some yummy beer. 
My favorite was the SOLID GOLD and the MANGO MAGNIFICO. 
Our favorite was the DIRTY BASTARD :)
On our walk back we scouted out the bars we wanted to "crawl" to later that night. 
After dinner at the hotel lobby we met up with friends/cousins and our night out began. 
Beer tasting was great, but so was the taste of Bud Light after all the dark beers that day. 

The next morning after our Big Boy Breakfast we decides to stay another night... visiting his cousins on the other side of town we got to drove by some awesome old houses and found a local rustic coffee shop. I loved it inside. 
Good thing we decided to stay tho... We found a nail in the back tire of the motorcycle... 

After our night out, relaxing with the cousins was the perfect end to our trip. We got trailer-ed home by an awesome friend and ended up back to reality the next morning. 

Our Labor Day weekend was fast but fun... How was yours?

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