Monday, September 9, 2013

Manage Monday: Planners

I've always been a big fan of planners. I have three that I carry with me. One for Work one for Social and now one for Blogging. So I figure it was about time to condense down and conjoin them all together!
While I'm on the look out for the perfect planner... I'm gonna take you shopping with me!

#1 Stephanie Creekmur 2014 Planner.
Stephanie Creekmur planner

#2 FiloFax

FiloFax Planner

#3 Erin Condren Life Planner
erin condren life planner

After more digging, I now belong to a #planneradicts group on Facebook. These girls don't hold back they know what they like and how to work their lives into their custom planners. It is great to get ideas from them... Join if you dare ;)

Do you own one of these planners? 
If so, do you like it?
If not, what one do you like the best just by presentation?

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